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Illustrious Brother Isaac Auld

Illustrious Brother Isaac Auld’s parents were born in Scotland, immigrated to France, and then moved onto the United States of America settling at Norristown, Pennsylvania. The exact date of Brother Jacob Auld birth and entrance to this country is unknown but what is known is that Jacob and Lydia had […]

Charleston, SC Masonic Timeline

By: Illustrious Brother McDonald L. Burbidge, 33º May 31, 1801, the most important date in history for the Supreme Council of the United States of America. This is the date of the establishment of the Supreme Council which was established in Charleston, South Carolina. 1736 October 28 Solomon’s Lodge No. […]

Frederick Dalcho

A Man of Accomplishment, A Man of Peace Right Worshipful Brother Barry A. Rickman, 32 KCCH: Past District Deputy Grand Master The following article was edited from the 1990 Edition of Transactions published by The South Carolina Masonic Research Society. As a man, Dr. Dalcho was characterized by great cheerfulness […]

Illustrious Brother Frederick Dalcho Timeline

Illustrious Brother McDonald Lawrence Burbidge, 33° and Worshipful Brother Eric Andrew Meace, 32º K.C.C.H. No one…could have been more honestly devoted to the studies in general, of the Christian Ministry, than Rev. Frederick Dalcho or have been found more willing so to surrender himself to it, as “to spend and […]

Le Comte Alexandre Francois de Grasse

By: Illustrious Brother McDonald L. Burbidge, 33º Alexandre-Francois Auguste, Marquis de Grasse, arrived in Charleston, South Carolina on August 14, 1793 aboard the ship Thomas. Accompanying him on this voyage was his wife, daughters, four sisters, and stepmother. According to tradition, they were hospitably received by John B. Holmes at […]

John H. Mitchell

Founder of the Supreme Council, 33º In the United States of America By: Illustrious Brother McDonald L. Burbidge, 33º Freemasonry first enjoyed consideration and a firm footing in Germany when the highly gifted crown prince, afterwards King Frederick II of Prussia, was initiated. Without his influence Masonry in Germany would […]

New Information on Colonel John H. Mitchell and Thomas B. Bowen

By: Illustrious Brother McDonald L. Burbidge, 33º Brothers Colonel John H. Mitchell and Thomas B. Bowen were members of Union Kilwinning Lodge No. 4. Next year Union Kilwinning Lodge No. 4 will be celebrating their 250th Anniversary. Also found was the books on Saint Andrews Lodge No. 10 (1787 Thomas […]