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When you look at buying a new or used car, several factors go into your decision on which one to choose. You may look at price, design, and size, but you may forget about the cost of insurance and the price of repairs. To get the most value for your money, you have to consider not only how expensive it is to make repairs but how often you may end with it in the shop.

Avoiding The Lemons

Some cars seem to have a reputation for costing the owner in time and money and spending more time in the shop than on the road. One way to avoid this problem is by looking at Consumer Reports and other surveys to see which cars get the worst rating. When studying this information, look at the make and model car as well as what areas of the vehicle seem to cause the most problems. This will give you an idea of how expensive the car will be to maintain.

Top Offenders

Here is a look at some of the worst models according to Consumer Reports.

• The Audi Q5 with a V6 engine was considered worse than average, which means it is a car that has more problems than average cars, but not the most unreliable car to own. The big issues are the engine cooling, audio system, and body quality.

• The BMW 535i was in the list because of the electrical and fuel system. Issues are apparent from 2008 up to 2011.

• The Cadillac STS had numerous problems, including the electrical and drive system.

• The Chevrolet Aveo also had some minor issues with the engine and didn’t get good ratings for its fuel system or its climate system. It is no longer made so it will only be a concern when buying a used car.

• A surprise on the list is the Dodge Grand Caravan, which had been one of the best minivans in the market. Newer models have issues with brakes, climate system, and body integrity and hardware.

• The GMC Acadia scored low for the all-wheel drive option, but was average for the four-wheel drive. It lacks reliability, which is an issue for anyone who depends on their vehicle.

• The Jaguar S-Type has had issues with electrical systems and body integrity. Experts do not recommend buying a used Jaguar at all.

• The Kia Sedona has had a bad decade with poor reports for models from 2002 to 2011. Issues range from engine problems, electrical, as well as body integrity and hardware.

This is a short list of vehicles you may want to watch out for when shopping for a newer car. Buying a car with maintenance problems will affect your auto insurance quotes and can make it more expensive to own. Before you buy any car, look at the reports about that model, check out the car’s history, and get several auto insurance quotes to know what kind of car you will be getting and how much it will cost you