Why not insurance from a Scott?

What do I need to know about Florida homeowners insurance?

Homeowners insurance offers you protection against any financial losses incurred by fire damage, storms, thefts or any other events as set out in your policy details.

Searching for homeowners insurance

It is very important to compare quotes and coverage when shopping around for homeowners insurance as different providers offer different levels of coverage and possible discounts on premiums, so always get multiple insurance quotes before taking out any insurance cover.

If you feel that you need help then it may be wise to consider using a service such as https://floridainsurancequotes.net/.  It is a free service that helps members of the community to find coverage that works for them and to put them in touch with the right brokers.

What would I be covered for?

Although your standard homeowners policy will cover you against damage to your house and other free-standing buildings not structurally attached to your home.  Theft and damage done to your personal property within your home.  Personal liability if someone were to injure themselves due to your negligence whilst visiting your property.  Medical expenses for others that have been accidentally been injured whilst on your property and additional living expenses should your home be uninhabitable due to damage and you need to rent accommodation while repairs are carried out to your property.  There are a number of circumstances that are not covered as standard.

What am I not covered for?

Your standard policy will not cover you against damage done to your property by floods, earthquakes, mudslides or landslides.  If the sewerage systems backs up and causes leakage into your property and identity theft.

In addition to this, there may be other events that individual policy providers won’t cover for.  These include trampolines and any damage or injury resulting in their usage, swimming pools, again any damage or injury caused whilst using a swimming pool, dog or pet bites and operating a business out of your home.

If you are at all concerned or confused it is always best to ask your broker what your policy covers and what it doesn’t before you take out your insurance.

Are there limits?

Although there are items that are covered by your home insurance they may have limits according to https://floridainsurancequotes.net/home-insurance/florida-property-insurance/.  Personal items of rare or high value are usually covered but it would be advisable to insure these separately.  Items such as guns, electronics, collectibles, jewelry, and antiques or pieces of fine art.  Also, any costs relating to meeting updated building regulations for fire, electrics and plumbing may have limited coverage.

Again, it is always best to discuss your needs with your homeowners insurance provider before you take out your policy to be absolutely sure.